Supra shoes is a commercial benevolence

Also found that the light side Supra Shoes, but also bring their own lights , but also to a sitting in waiting .
Slowly was close by and saw that the sea slowly emerged four wooden fishing boat shore than usual is not marked , but also was full of the above are many people who seem fitting .
Moment , it has four wooden dock , and that lead people to jump off the boat, and then whispered , but the businessman this is connector signal , and then they , not a businessman, is a commercial benevolence , righteousness, benevolence
Joints were identified slogan to go back , unload the cabin I saw a lot of people there , and then build Mu Banqiao , boxes of ammunition to wear slide from the beach , and then they moved constantly by the people Truck above.
As they smooth handling when the shots rang out on the shore of the outpost , what to ask them immediately .
Boss, the bank found that large team of people there
Is not the police
Can determine not the police , because they appeared to the people toward their shooting, so definitely not the police, to see from their dress should be like Stealing from Thieves , boss Cheap Supra Shoes, head of the island could have the forces of Stealing from Thieves , Only the Kowloon Walled City of Old Lu was a counselor like the people.
Lu that the old bum , , their people can stare at you
They are far more people than they , and their firepower and are similar Supra Cuttler Sale, it is difficult , we would like to retreat
First wait , the organization staff to a counter , watching the situation , and the rest were fast moving arms
Know, the boss
This time leading the people heard the gun

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