Supra shoes research institutes

ra vulk fighter development and R & D base, the two years Women Supra Shoes, there developed a total power of aircraft engines , jet -made aircraft, large transport aircraft , as well as light armed helicopters, etc., is developing a machine Species are supersonic aircraft engines for the new fighter aircraft taking off and landing , ground- air missiles and so on. Can be said that the airport has more than just a single military airport Supra Thunder Hightop, there is more of an Air Force research and development base .
In China, in addition to R & D base and Lingnan shoes air outside the capital, research institutes , also southwest of shoes set up a research base for rocket technology , the main research and development of missile technology ; South shoes Wu Chuanhai naval military base in the port to establish R & D base , the main research and development of medium Light cruisers and destroyers and other ships , the Navy set up the Yangtze shoes R & D base , the Navy primarily to study the application of heavy weapons , such as the sea 180 mm gun, a new type of sensor mines , tracking the performance of the torpedo , and so on.
When out of the cabin when the airport is more of a military machine , while officials occupy only a small part. Slowly down the steps in front of the deputy commander of the Lingnan shoes immediately stepped forward, held out his hand to welcome the visit to the eastern provinces
You are not recent , busy bar Supra Strapped NS Sale, you’re eccentric , let go of Tainan , let stay , hold your breath for a long time did not get to fight my heart , and hand itching
You this, you win battles you fight . Other chance to hear that , her eyes shining with excitement light.
Comrades to introduce you to warm .

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