Supra shoes has occupied a fixed beach

Note that point , no big mistakes , there are winding it, in two columns, such as exposure to enemy mines on both sides to move immediately after the sub- interspersed , from the side , all the fight out of the shells , giving them a Tiannvsanhua .
supra tuf Commander
At this time the southeast side of the beach in Kaohsiung , one person exposed head from the sea , is panting constantly above the beach , but still quiet surrounding , no shares of the enemy found that the main landing , collection , report the number of
One, two , three reports , head of a total of 1,200 Marine Regiment , real to 1122 people, 78 people missing , please indicate immediately to the commander of the transmitters , has successfully landed a
Beach in front of a battalion occupied the slopes , be sure to hold the second battalion occupied the front of the woods Supra Vaider Sale, not in front of mine in the woods , three battalion note warning , machine guns, heavy machine guns, even to you fully assembled on a battalion of the eight , 8 On the second battalion , on the left side of the beach, all should be digging trenches quickly , mortars, mortar business quickly installed in all of the mortar on the front of the rear, all the shoulder-fired rocket All moved to a camp on the hillside Supra Cuttler, the anchor must hold , if there is any accident, a battalion commander , do not you head back to the supra tuf , if such a strong fire also could not bear it, to serve the country with the body Yellow head nodded to indicate Supra Dixon, the business arrangement it down , I believe supra low army soon head to the supra tuf
Commander , Marine Corps received the signal , has occupied a fixed beach , and the majority of the command can be follow-up landing

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