Supra shoes Over 0 brothers and two or three truck

Over 0 brothers and two or three trucks, are to Shekou Port rush , ready to take over the New Coast of large number of arms . Because the island is now fighting everywhere, and there are a lot of money with virtually controlled the police department , so such a large fleet, on the road open.
Now somewhere in Kowloon Walled City Supra Skytop II, a type Biao Han was standing beside an old man , and next to it sat a golden -haired foreigners , and now had started out bright business , your people ready
, Mr. Smith assured business every time the old pier from the shore , and this is no exception , according to the start that tonight they will be transported to a large number of arms , if the arms robbery , and that Sure to jump up the old business , and if the arms to sell , they can also profit from so you can rest assured that there has been dissatisfaction with the Shekou people who
Careful and meticulous work , of course Supra Vaider Sale, relieved, mainly the Entrusted by the people to do this thing , they still want to be careful only, no other meaning
Mr. Smith assured if you do not , then it Jiao Ahu with one more and then turned to the human past , on the side of Han Biao type ordered , Ahu , 50 brothers to bring you over there to look at it is to Shekou Boss
, True to the face , which also rest assured that much, Huge but your first place , thank you
At this point Supra Shoes Sale, business has been with came to light out of the Shekou Port , when the Shekou Port Terminal is only a small weeds , where water depth is mainly to facilitate smuggling it. Have been arranged in a good defensive perimeter after the depths of the sea suddenly flashing light, dies,

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