supra shoes Is not full of people make fun of his

Is not full of people make fun of his wife , how to want a hero had no chance to save the United States and then they cry together. I saw red supra to a supercilious Do you want to make fun of his wife to others is difficult to do, just think life is a bit interesting , life is much happier , and his wife , guarantee that you will not let others hurt a hair Supra sale, and promised that there Of food to eat a bowl of porridge have your drink, ensuring not guarantee , that after the red supra on your head buried in the broad chest . Shouted my heart away slightly, but my heart, my home land of the time now is surging .
Turbulent night , two new youth are doing in bed sage , tired and fell asleep. Night without words. Next morning woke up , looked physically fit that last night of the barking red supra, it is now very in bed , gently up and ready to go to work. Before leaving, gently sleeping with red supra in the head and kissed it Supra Suprano High, and red supra seems to feel the same , and smiled. Knew she was pretending to sleep , then gently in her ear wife , work , and you have fun today, then red supra opened his eyes Oh points , but also gentle on that know Supra TK, her husband , and today everything goes away Oh And then waved to the red supra .
Into the office later, above the table and looked at a photo of red supra , after dealing with the table above file. After a half hour , and stretched . Then ordered the Secretary to notify the Vice President and

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