asics running shoes only Zongyue dodge

s have been deeply grieved they lost , everything lost power , the suddenly encountered this enemy, is not lifted by the spirit , to cope.
asics speaker telling everyone be careful , this guy was amazing , just like Utah , then finished in the top , it asics gel kayano is Pilai knife , knife Daoguang giant flickering , the four are actually in the hood Therein . people do not dare Yingjie this trick him , but before and after the Zongyue , thrilling to avoid .
asics gel kayano good skill Onitsuka Tiger Mini Cooper, and not think that there are so skill. it ’s crazy to let you see my body to the four approaching evil blade , waving a knife , like a dance in the self- General . but he did not hit the knife , Is a giant Daoguang Asics Kanuchi, Fengrui no ethics , people look only block , the arm will feel dumb , not to go under the second block .

Volume III acis running shoes chapter one hundred and twenty second Hard to get
Updated chapter 2010129101711 2318 words

Asics gel kayano repeated again and again saw the air waving , his whole body radiates from the number of Dao Guang , the four split to go, people are afraid to Yingdang , only Zongyue dodge , but with the asics gel kayano increasingly wielding a large knife Fast Asics Seck Lo, are gradually filled the giant Dao Guang , inevitable , four had to get together with the Daoguang blow open.
asics gel can not be allowed a decisive call made ​​Daoqi mad , so we would not have been killed by live

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