asics running shoes and quickly straighten it

not who we will have finished
You are not to drink hard to see it, this energy the power of crystal not Chuangshi Shen , there is not absorbed , and quickly straighten it , otherwise they have to be killed by you ! I promise you, let you go is Never harm a hair at the moment you know that this is absolutely crystal energy absorption not , it seems that very few people put it right, trying to righting , who knows at the moment was discovered that because of his hands touch the crystal in the energy Was actually being sucked it firmly Asics Top Seven, and now want to move is not , and with the continuous release of energy the energy of crystals , is already firmly suck him and two , and no one can never expect to move a half minutes.
Taken aback and lay his heart at the moment even want to help the energy crystal was actually not originally set , called panic mouth No , I is an electric live simply could not move ah fact, he did not say, has been felt in his right hand Guzhao Hand , left hand grips, stick tight body , and that the current from the hit on his body , the body grow numb onitsuka tiger, which can move on a D slightest .
At the moment on them were covered with a colorful lightning flowing without a break in the whole body , issued a burst of crackling sound. they both feel good Siyu crushing, extreme pain , can not know that the energy flow out of the power of crystals actually So strong , so they completely as long term resident in general, can only endure being affected by current hit .
asics running trainers six people at the moment is experiencing a great deal of danger , they were running asics two sisters Promise to suppress giant halberd , have raised his arms overhead protection to resist , to speak, the other side of the giant killer as huge as pressure pressurizing

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