asics running shoes is not where I said something

suddenly , you answer me honestly , you are not quite like my . I mean the kind of joy for men and women Asics Gel Kinsei 2, rather than the friendship between friends suddenly asics onitsuka thought she would ask out this sentence, even more helpless, looked up to see her Eyes glistening , and sometimes exceedingly puzzling heart , palpitation Could I have spoken slip of the tongue , where she was offended

Volume III of Article chapters acis running shoes acis running shoes
Updated chapter 2010129101708 2197 words

Big is anxious not help , for fear the girl is no longer from the immediate manager himself onitsuka tiger, how great panic , is not where I said something wrong , then I apologize to you is , you do not get angry ah asics gel a few times, said You want to go , and I just ask you one word, how can you blame the meaning , you answer me soon I ah asics onitsuka hesitated in his heart the love of nature is extremely with her , but he always felt asics gel is the ratio Fairy is also noble figure, how can their match with her , as that love, he just deeply hidden in the heart , without any intention to speak out , for him , just for her in her side to fight along the way , quietly Care and she is his greatest blessing.
Listen now openly question the asics gel , a firm voice , does not seem to answer is does not become , a few words in the mouth hold back a long time asics onitsuka, finally I ‘m not good enough you do not bow made ​​. asics

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