asics running shoes the courtyard flowers into th

Is empty, her heart feeling slightly afraid, gritted his teeth Asics Japan Ar, contented to continue study on three walked Looking back hair. I do not know how long to go, to be through the door, have come into a compound, the courtyard flowers into the film, aromatic fragrance, compared to the previous cold walls, it really is a great pleasure.
Her study on three more ears ringing, people will love to know flute not far in front, although an unknown friend and foe, but at the moment is nothing else to go, had to wear a flower Fu Liu, snakes across. To be worn again than one arch, has see the flowers at the front of meters of one of them standing straight, long hair, her back to himself, right hand playing flute is the mouth, a qingpao wind drift, is extremely elegant and refined.
asics gel body leaning against the arch wall, hear the solitude of his study on three very Sad, so tempting to feel her physical and mental desolation, like want to cry in general. her friends and enemies unknown moment Onitsuka Tiger X Tokidoki Fabre, not rashly coming out , Listening to the quiet study on three men blowing, mesmerizing. flies quite a while, just listen to the man faint Tan, himself on the flute month, not the really blow lonely Do not look back, girl, you finally woke up
asics gel was shocked, thinking that he had not been turned, but it is not issued any movement Onitsuka Tiger Rotation 77, when he noticed his own body of a move, we have to fast mouth, who knows by the long, heavy body and injuries, sometimes actually could not steady himself, tossed away to the ground. That girl Tsing man carefully turned back to the Han Yuting already among the front, right hand a slight movement, has been an invisible force is holding her body, followed by floating body, is slowly put in the stone chair fell on top of the courtyard.
asics gel heart shock

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